How the course works


Take the course anywhere
The course is completed entirely online, so you can take the course from any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection.
blue_button_50 Varied activities
Whilst working through the course you will read short texts, watch videos and answer questions. When you answer questions, your results are stored in your grade book and at the end of each section you complete an assignment that you submit online. It will then be marked by your tutor.
blue_button_50 Work at your own pace
You have three months to complete the course, which is more than enough time. If you should need more time however, then let us know and we can extend the course for a small fee.
blue_button_50 Get a qualification
You will need to achieve a pass mark of 75% to complete the course and receive your certificate. If certain activities or assignments fail to achieve this level then you will be able to retake or resubmit the relevant sections. Your will receive your digital certificate within three working days after completing the course.
blue_button_50 Share your experience
The Common Room contains further resources such as extra quizzes, glossaries and message boards. Message boards allow learners to seek out other learners for peer review and assistance.