Top Tips for Writing Emails at Work

More and more of our communication at work is written, and a great deal of it happens over email. This means people need to be more effective than ever at communicating in writing. Here are some tips to make sure your emails are clear and professional.

Smiling Man Talking On Cellphone

Always proofread

Proofreading is often forgotten about when it comes to emails, but an email full of typos and spelling and grammar mistakes is a quick way to look unprofessional. A simple read through once you have finished writing is a easy way to make sure your email is clear, flows well and doesn’t have any silly mistakes. If it is especially important, save it and go back to it an hour or so later to you can re-read it with fresher eyes.


Be careful of your tone

Watching your tone is very important in written communication, as it is something that can easily get lost. For example, if your manager emails with a request a simple ‘okay’ may come across as an agreeable happy to help when said out loud, but may come across as abrupt when written down. Punctuation, such as using lots of exclamation marks, and writing in CAPITALS can also change how the meaning of your email is interpreted.


Consider the recipient

It isn’t necessary to follow the same rules for all emails. Consider who your emailing and adjust the level of formality accordingly.


It is easy to forget simple rules when you are emailing, as it feels like a more informal method of communication, but by following these tips you will ensure you remain professional and clear at all times.


Do you have any other tips you think are important for emailing at work?

by Eilidh